Hollywood Boulevard The 70s

July 1 - September 13, 2015

Opening Wednesday July 1, 2015 

A Storefront Installation
Photography by Ave Pildas

Today, the neighborhood is overrun with buskers in superhero outfits, but 40 years ago, real Angelenos wandered the sidewalk with the stars under their feet. Pildas spent more than two years walking up and down Hollywood Boulevard taking photos of the homeless, the star obsessed, the old ladies and the prostitutes that all walked the same street.
"At that time people were saying the country was tilted to the West and all the crazies rolled towards California," says Pildas. "They stopped just short of the ocean and landed in Hollywood."
Ave Pildas moved to Los Angeles in 1971 to work as an art director at Capitol Records in the heart of Hollywood. Between 1972 and 1975, he shot thousands of black and white photos on Hollywood Boulevard’s “Walk of Fame”. These photos document a unique and lively period in the history of Los Angeles and in American culture. 
The Hollywood Boulevard photos have never been shown as a large group. This exhibition will include more than 50 prints.


Chats About Change Part II: Acts and Conversations on Art and Politics in Los Angeles

July 8 - September 13, 2015

Chats About Change Part II: Acts and Conversations on Art and Politics in Los Angeles follows a public symposium on art and social change (entitled Chats About Change) organized by Elana Mann and Robby Herbst in January of 2015 at California State University Los Angeles and LACE.  This second iteration will be a forum involving artists and arts collectives engaging with the strategies and problematics of participation. The project consists of an artist’s residency by the Michelada Think Tank in the LACE Project Room during the summer of 2015. This residency will facilitate unique case studies investigating the role of race, ethnicity and class in participatory modalities. In the months leading up to the residency, Mann and Herbst will develop programming with the selected collective and individual artists, including group conversations and presentations of “artworks.” Chats about Change Part II will foster critical dialogue and build community between individuals involved in social change and social practice in Los Angeles. 
Recent national events, such as the killing of Eric Garner and Freddie Gray, and local discussions, such as a high profile debate on the racial make-up of the Hammer’s “Made in LA” exhibition, have highlighted the urgent need to bring conversations about race, ethnicity, and class into the public sphere. MTT is a group of socially conscious artists who host conversations between people of color and their allies directly addressing questions of social, cultural, and political participation. MTT is a diverse group with deep roots in Los Angeles who also contributes to national conversations about social practice art. During their residency at LACE, MTT will present projects and structure dialogues as a collective and as individuals.