Mark Tribe: Sweet Child Solos

19 January 2010 7 - 11 PM

Tuesday 19 January 2010, 7PM-10PM
Free and open to the public

Thursday 21 January - Sunday 31 January 2010

"I am me and you are you and we are we and we are all together. Corporation t-shirts, stupid bloody Tuesday, see how they run? Coming back from Kabul laying in a casket, see how they fly? Something'’s wrong. The more I want to be me, the more I feel empty. The more I express myself, the more I am drained. The more I run after myself, the tireder I get. Meanwhile, we manage. We blog, we rent apartments, the latest fashionable crap, relationship dramas, who’'s hooking up with whom, whatever it takes to hold on. All the existential crutches that allow us to keep dragging on, the dependencies we've contracted as the price of identity. Where do we go, sweet child, where do we go? Where do we go now?"

LACE is pleased to present Sweet Child Solos, a new performance/ installation by Mark Tribe. An evening of solo guitar performances on Tuesday, January 19 will be followed by an installation featuring video of the performances that will run from January 21 through January 31.


Tribe - Sweet Child Solos: Davin Tribe- Guitarist Over Green Tribe- Sweet Child Solos: Michael Grodsky