GUTTED: LACE's Annual Winter Benefit

20 February 2010 8 PM

with guest curator Dino Dinco

Doors open 7pm
$10 admission / free to all LACE members
There are no more online purchases. Please purchase tickets at the door.

LACE is pleased to present GUTTED: LACE’S ANNUAL WINTER BENEFIT. This year, LACE has teamed up with Los Angeles-based curator Dino Dinco, who brings his own passions and experience to this annual fundraising event. Inspired by Los Angeles’ history of performance art and LACE’s role as an open platform for artistic expression, Dinco has reached out to a range of artists, both established and emerging, to present an unrestrained evening of contemporary performance.

GUTTED showcases a daring ensemble of live performance, texts and objects speaking of, from and to the body. With a roster of creative talent spanning thirty years of live performance, GUTTED illustrates an array of ways artists have addressed the human form, spanning issues of domesticity and labor, AIDS, race, social activism, queerness, straightness, bodybuilding, body destruction, fantasy & grotesquerie.  

Participating artists include: Benjamin Weissman, Raquel Gutierrez, Xuanito Carlos Espinoza Cuellar, Sheree Rose, Monica Duncan, Alice Cunt, Lucas Michael, Elle Mehrmand and Micha Cardenas/Azdel Slade, Marcus Civin, Ryan Heffington, Dawn Kasper, Rafael Esparza, Gronk, Oscar "Sister Mantos" Santos, Josseline Black, Brian Getnick/THE BALLET, Hi Fashion $9.99, Julie Tolentino and Pigpen, Taisha Ciara Paggett, Heather Cassils, Grace Killjoy, Mariel Carranza, Dorian Wood, Samuel Vasquez, Bela Messex, Juan Martin del Campo Jr., and Joseph Shahadi.

The impetus for GUTTED stems from my love for performance as well as my ongoing interest in the work of French philosopher and social critic Jean-Luc Nancy, particularly his work Corpus.  In this work, Nancy articulates that there is no ontology of the body, but rather, the body is ontology itself.  The body is a familiar subject of discourse in the arts, as we have and will always already work from the body.  A body of work.  A body of knowledge. Through Nancy, I view LACE – the space – as a ...

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