Creative Capital Professional Development Program

31 January 2015 9 - 5 PM

Artists: Apply for a free space in a Los Angeles Creative Capital Workshop

Application Deadline – November 17, 2014
Workshop Date January 31, 2015, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Workshop will be held at LACE

The Creative Capital Professional Development Workshop Day at LACE includes both sessions described below plus lunch.

FUNDING YOUR WORK: build a fundraising campaign that expresses the quality and character of your work, learn essential skills to tap into funding networks and resources
Based on content from Creative Capital’s esteemed Core Weekend, this workshop combines nuts and-bolts strategies with a broad-based empowering approach for integrating fundraising into your creative practice. Appropriate for artist’s of all disciplines, this workshop will help you evaluate a wide variety of fundraising opportunities and will teach how to tap these valuable resources. Topics include applying for grants and residencies; fundraising from individuals; working with a fiscal sponsor; forming an advisory board; preparing the right materials for the right donors; making the tools of organizational fundraising efforts work for individual artists; partnerships with venues, donors and funders; and determining and communicating the real cost of your work.

FINANCIAL LITERACY FOR ARTISTS: a crash course in finance
Designed and led by a working artist with expertise in bookkeeping, budgeting, tax preparation, and financial management, this workshop will raise participants’ level of financial literacy, whatever their prior level of experience.   It is appropriate for individual artists in any genre and at any point in their careers.  Topics will include: individual taxes for artists; segregating personal and artistic finances; budgeting for your life and your artistic projects; how to tell “the story” of your project in a compelling way to funders; tips for tracking deductible expenses; how artists can get out of debt and start saving; a self-employment primer, and; whether and when to pursue non-profit incorporation or other entity. Participants will leave the workshop with ...

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Otis Graduate Writing Program: Student Reading Event

06 October 2014 7 - 9 PM

Come join us as Niko Nelson, Taylor McDaniel, Tess Satsuma, and Daniele Dickerson share excerpts from their ongoing projects.  

In addition to allowing writers to carefully craft some diverse and compelling writing, the Graduate Writing program at Otis College of Art and Design also works to put out books under the Otis Books | Seismicity Editions house; copies will be available for sale at the reading.

Learn more about the Otis Graduate Writing program here.

Beyond Environment

September 4 - November 9, 2014

Opening reception: Thursday, September 4, 2014

Exhibition Dates: September 4, 2014 – November 9, 2014
Curator Talk: September 5, 2014

Featuring works by Gianni Pettena, Allan Kaprow, Robert Smithson, UFO, 9999, Gordon Matta-Clark


Beyond Environment explores the potent interchange between architecture, Land Art, and Performance Art that emerged through Italian architect Gianni Pettena’s idealized collaboration with American artists Allan Kaprow and Robert Smithson in the 1970s.

Captivated by a journey to Salt Lake City in 1972, Pettena created Tumbleweeds Catcher, a tower installation that cut across natural and manmade environments. Earlier, while in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Pettena and Smithson’s dialogue around onsite material transformations helped create some of the architect’s most iconic works. With Ice House I and II, respectively staged in an abandoned school and in a non-descriptive suburban house, Pettena poured water into mold works he created around the buildings’ perimeter walls. Curing during the winter night into a coat of ice, the Houses resonated with their conceptual predecessor, Kaprow’s Fluids of 1967, as well as with a newer contemporary architectural sensibly concerned with the effects of variedly compounded, highly eidetic architectural surfaces.

Curated by Emanuele Piccardo and Amit Wolf, the exhibition showcases contractual, electroacoustic, and video aspects of Pettena’s work, alongside Kaprow’s Happenings and a forgotten collection of drawings that Smithson created in preparation for Asphalt Rundown (1969) in Rome. These are supplemented by the works of Italian groups UFO and 9999, as well as an environment-dialog between Pettena and the Los Angeles based collective Pentagon, which recreate anew this important architecture-art complex.   

Beyond Environment features the ACTAR catalog with texts by Emanuele Piccardo, Amit Wolf, Robert Smithson, and Gianni Pettena. Available for purchase at LACE.

Throughout the run of the exhibition, Hennessy + Ingalls presents a curated selection of 50+ art and architecture books at the LACE storefront gallery.


  • September 3, 2014 Beyond Environment: A Preface, a conversation at the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles with Gianni Pettena, Aaron Moulton, Gian ...
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My Desire: Doug Ischar/ Bruce & Norman Yonemoto

August 13, 2014

Curated by David Evans Frantz, Curator of ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives at USC Libraries

LACE, ONE Archives and the MAK Center present a screening of recent video work by Doug Ischar alongside videos by Bruce and Norman Yonemoto from the 1980s. The program will include Ischar’s brb (2007), and Alone With You (2011), recently part of the 2014 Whitney Biennial, and Bruce and Norman Yonemoto’s Garage Sale II (1980), and Vault (1984).

The screening will start at 7:30PM and will be followed by a Q&A with Doug Ischar and Bruce Yonemoto.

Doug Ischar is a Chicago-based artist whose work appears in Tony Greene: Amid Voluptuous Calm as a part of Made in L.A. 2014 biennial at the Hammer Museum. After receiving an MFA in Photography from the California Institute of the Arts (1987), Ischar pursued work in documentary photography and image/text installation (1984–1990). Since the early 1990s his work has focused on the uses of video and sound in ever more distilled manifestations. Following large multi-media installations such as Orderly (1994) and Wake (1996) Ischar turned to more minimal forms. His 1997 work for InSite (San Diego/Tijuana) used a high school basketball court as locale for a multimedia meditation of adolescent homosexual desire. His 2001 work ground uses twenty-four channels of sound to replicate the sound of a gallery floor being swept. Since 2006, Doug Ischar has been producing highly complex single-channel videos around issues of cross-generational male intimacy and psychological/social loss. These include Back the Way He Came (2006), Bask (2007), brb (2008), and Forget Him (2009), come lontano (2010), Alone With You (2011) and Tristes Tarzan (2013). His three most recent films were included in the 2014 Whitney Biennial of American Art. Ischar is Associate Professor of Photography at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Bruce Yonemoto has developed a ...

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08 August 2014

by Rickerby M Hinds

Dreamscape depicts the death and inner life of a young woman, “Myeisha Mills,” who dreams through the impact of the twelve bullets that killed her. A meditation and reimagining of the night of December 28, 1998, when nineteen-year-old Tyisha Miller was shot and killed by four Riverside Police Department officers while she laid unconscious in a car; the play takes a powerfully clear-eyed look at the relationships between race, the body, and violence.

Through beat-boxing, spoken word and dance, the performance is structured around an autopsy report recited by a dispassionate coroner. As each of the twelve bullet wounds is described in horrifying clinical detail—the damage done to the arm, shoulder, scalp, teeth, thigh, neck, back, breast, eye, mouth, skull—Myeisha reminisces about her life, using each body part as a jumping off point, re-framing her death by following the trajectory and impact of the 12 bullets that struck her - each one triggering its own unique memory.

Rhaechyl Walker as Myeisha Mills
John "Faahz" Merchant as the Coroner
Carrie Mikuls - Choreographer

Performances will run for two weekends:
Friday, August 8, 2014 - Saturday, August 9, 2014
Friday, August 15, 2014 - Saturday, August 16, 2014

All performances start at 7 PM, please arrive accordingly. No late seating will be allowed.

Students and LACE members: $5
General: $14

Purchase your tickets here today!


Cocina Abierta Collective: Help Wanted

July 9 - August 16, 2014

LACE is pleased to announce the upcoming residency of the Cocina Abierta Collective (Christina Sanchez Juarez, Cayetano Juarez, Mario Mesquita and Oakland Bautista), curated by Jacqueline Bell. During their residency, the collective will develop a new iteration of their ongoing project, Cocina Abierta.

Cocina Abierta is a nomadic experimental “test kitchen” that facilitates the fluid exchange of immigrant histories, culinary skills, and base building strategies towards the development of a worker-centered philosophy to eating ethically. While a traditional test kitchen functions as a laboratory for the creation of new dishes, Cocina Abierta uses the act of communal cooking and teaching as a methodology through which they gather restaurant workers and consumers in a space of dialogue.

During their research-based residency at LACE, the collective will prototype designs and interventions for a mobile kitchen, using Hollywood as their testing grounds. This process will allow the collective to develop a series of events, such as private gatherings and public cooking demonstrations, that will be used to gather restaurant workers, consumers, and Hollywood passers-by in conversation around the question, “what is ethical dining?” These roving interventions will also serve as spaces to acknowledge the immigrant and people of color workforce that sustains the Los Angeles restaurant industry, while providing a platform for the collective to document and bear witness to the stories of restaurant workers in Hollywood.

The Cocina Abierta Collective will undertake these activities with support from the Restaurant Opportunities Center of Los Angeles (ROC-LA), a workers center serving restaurant workers, Thai CDC (Thai Community Development Center), which works to uplift low-income individuals in communities across the City of Los Angeles, and the Hollywood Farmer’s Market. The collective’s research in Hollywood will form the basis of an installation in LACE’s front gallery that will be on view from July ...

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Native Strategies: N (enter) S

July 9 - 31, 2014


Curated by Brian Getnick, Tanya Rubbak, and Jules Gimbrone

Opening performances: July 11, 2014, 8PM

For their summer residency at LACE, Native Strategies presents N (enter) S, a series of public performances of sound, speech, and documentation. From July 9 to July 31, audiences will celebrate the release of Issue #4: Dispersions - the act and sign of communication and witness the simultaneous generation and gathering of performance material for the forthcoming Native Strategies Issue #5: Music Issues - the privileging and negation of bodies of sound.

N (enter) S is a Native Strategies issue come to life within three-dimensional space. Throughout their residency, Native Strategies will invite over 30 artists to perform in the LACE galleries and enact the process of producing a journal. Audiences can literally step into graphic design and observe the act of creating and archiving content in real time.

The installation consists of three stages:

Stage 1 is a mock television studio in which artists engage in dialog and perform with and for each other.

Stage 2 is a production desk where the document is created. The activities of research gathering, editing, and design are performed and projected. 

Stage 3 is the distribution center displaying NS journals, other related publications, and relevant research and reading materials.

At LACE, N (enter) S enacts the experience of reading a Native Strategies issue by positioning people and their practices directly into each other’s orbits. The project’s model of research is to pay close attention to what is happening on the ground in Los Angeles and to represent the divergent ideologies, methods and wisdom of contemporary practitioners and investigating critics. The aim is to intersect diverse forms and ideas among artists from different regions, classes, and degrees of formal education, ethnicity and sexuality.


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Public Faculty No.8, Los Angeles: Canvassing desires of the street

June 4 - 7, 2014

For four days, Public Faculty No 8, Los Angeles will be located on and around Hollywood Boulevard, where many segments of the public are to be found. The project will engage in informal conversations with passers-by on the desires and expectations for the future of the neighborhood. It will visually map out a dialog in text and drawings about those who are affected by the redevelopment of Hollywood, exploring the idea of publicness and its relation to active citizenship in our global cities.

Read a write-up on the project here on KCET:

Public Faculty events are in collaboration with community organizing groups including LA Voice, Cocina Abierta Collective, Restaurant Opportunities Center of Los Angeles (ROC LA), My Friend's Place, among others. Blogging by Melinda Guillen and Erick Huerta. Drawings by Emilio (EJ) Venegas Jr. and Monica Martinez.

Events are in collaboration with community organizing groups including LA Voice, Yucca Corridor Coalition, Restaurant Opportunities Center of Los Angeles, and My Friend's Place.

Wednesday June 4, noon-4PM - in front of Hollywood High School
with Dont Rhine and Ultra-red
Writing by Melinda Guillen and Drawing by Emilio (EJ) Venegas Jr.

Thursday June 5, 4PM-8PM - corner of Yucca St. and Cahuenga Blvd.,
with LA Voice and Yucca Corridor Coalition
Writing by Melinda Guillen and drawing by Monica Martinez

Friday June 6, 8AM-noon - near LACE
with Karla Diaz and My Friend's Place.
Writing by Melinda Guillen and drawing Monica Martinez

Saturday June 7, 8PM-midnight - bus stop at Vine St. and Hollywood Blvd,
with Christina Sanchez Juarez and Cayetano Juarez and Restaurant Opportunities Center of Los Angeles
Writing by Erick Huerta and drawing by Emilio (EJ) Venegas Jr.

Public Faculty No.8, Los Angeles was developed through conversations with Christina Sanchez ...

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22 May 2014 7 - 10 PM

Thursday, May 22, 2014, 7-10PM

Join the party: LA Weekly thinks LACE knows how to throw a great event!

Online Bidding Hosted by Paddle 8
Start bidding early at

Ticket price in advance: $75 /  Ticket price at the door: $100
Purchase tickets online with, or you may purchase tickets over the phone by calling: 323-957-1777 



The evening will include a Live Auction with Auctioneer Alex Slato, a Silent Auction of 60+ works, and a special performance by LA Fog.

Eventbrite - LACE Happening 2014: Benefit Art Auction



Kim Abeles, Amy Adler, Dewey Ambrosino, Edgar Arceneaux, Joshua Aster, John Baldessari, Math Bass, Stephen Berens, Kaucyila Brooke, A.K. Burns, Kristin Calabrese, Audrey Chan, Kenturah Davis, Roy Dowell, Zackary Drucker, Dana Duff, David Familian, Nicholas Fedak II, Patricia Fernandez, Kyle Field, Eve Fowler, Mariah Garnett, Alexandra Grant, David Hendren, Anna Sew Hoy, Jake Jones, Molly Larkey, Richard Louderback, Elana Mann, Barry Markowitz, Rachel Mason, Carlos Mollura, Sandeep Mukherjee, My Barbarian, Melanie Nakaue, Julie Orser, Chris Oliveria, Gina Osterloh, Sheila Pinkel, Gala Porras-Kim, Virgina Poundstone, Heather Rasmussen, Andy Robert, Steve Roden, Marco Rios, Nathaniel Russell, Paul Pescador, Renee Petropoulos, Raymond Pettibon, Stephen Prina, Aili Schmeltz, Margie Schnibbe, Susan Silton, Alex Slade, Joe Sola, Jill Spector, Emily Sudd, May Sun, Henry Taylor, Timothy Tompkins, Jeffrey Vallance, Rosha Yaghmai, and others.


Jose Luis Blondet, Robert Crouch, Alexandra Grant, Suzy Halajian, Karen Moss, Michelle Papillon, Marco Rios.

Host Committee

Jeff Cain, Erin Christovale, Chad Clark, Kenturah Davis, Steven Dumas, Melanie Edmunds, Kathie Folie-Meyer, Mark Steven Greenfield, Maureen Haines, The Honorable Robert M. Hertzberg, Tulsa Kinney, Blake Koh, David Kwiat, Baret Lepejian, Juliet McIver, Gary and Tracy Mezzatesta, Jarl and Pamela Mohn, Bill Moreno, Sarah and Bill Oderkirk, Michael Perkinson and Paul Perkinson, Tom Peters, Sarah Russin, Jackie Sharp, Ben Smith, Marta Sullivan, Elinor and Rubin Turner, and Linda Vallejo.

Interested in participating as a Host Committee patron?



If you join the Host Committee, we ask that you make a $500 tax-deductible contribution, which insures your generosity will be acknowledged at LACE on the night of the Auction, as well as on print and online materials. Other benefits of joining the Host Committee include:

• An invitation for you and a guest to attend the Auction Preview Reception at LACE on Sunday, May 18th from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm to view the Auction selections and meet other host committee members and Auction guest curators.
• Two (2) complimentary tickets to the Live and Silent Auctions on Thursday, May 22.
• Four (4) additional complimentary auction event tickets to share with fellow art-lovers. 




4A Frames
Allan Jeffries
Art Mechanics
Art Services Melrose
Beverly Hills Picture Framing Gallery
California Cactus Center
Jill’s Paints 
North Hollywood Ice
Ota House
Panera Bread of La Canada Flintridge
Random Gallery
Stone Brewing CO.
Tito’s Vodka
Trader Joe's

Spring UP: verb - come into existence; take on form or shape

April 26 - May 4, 2014

Reception Saturday, April 26, 2014, 5-8PM

An exhibition organized by the Los Angeles High School for the Arts (LACHSA) featuring an artwork by every student in the Visual Arts Program.

All are welcome to attend!